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What is TripTastic?

TripTastic is an iOS app that speaks information about over 1 million places. People use it to discover and understand places they visit.

Which languages does TripTastic speak?

Currently English (approx. 1.2 million places) and German (approx. 600.000 places). We plan to support many more languages in the future.

Where does TripTastic get its knowledge?

Primarily from publicly available sources such as Wikipedia and OpenStreetMaps.

Can I edit and add to TripTastic knowledge?

Absolutely. Please help improving TripTastic by editing Wikipedia. Articles will need to be geocoded to appear in TripTastic.

Will there be an Android version?

Yes, sometime in the not so distant future.

Can I use TripTastic in my application?

We offer a wide range of possible collaborations and integrations. To find out more, check out our Partners page.

I have a question/idea.

Great to hear! Please email us at .