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TripTastic for Partners

Find new ways to make your customers happy and let them experience audio content everywhere. No matter if you are a publisher of travel content or if you just want to have a branded and curated TripTastic experience for your guests, clients, or followers. Learn about a TripTastic partnership.

For Publishers & Creators

Do you own content you want to make available to existing or new customers as an audio experience? Or do you simply want to present selected attractions and destinations of your travels to your readers and followers? Then TripTastic is the ideal platform for you.

For Hospitality Companies

Are your guests eager to explore the local area and in need of tips and recommendations? With TripTastic, you can effortlessly provide them with valuable information, enhancing their overall experience. Collaborations within loyalty programs are especially well-suited for this purpose.

For Tour Operators

Do your customers prefer to immerse themselves in the destination’s culture and history independently? Make sure to provide them with customized or curated content in TripTastic instead of leaving them to explore on their own. In addition, the app can provide upselling-options for guided tours and excursions.

For Transportation Companies

When travelers take a trip by plane or train, they are excited about their holiday. TripTastic can deliver exceptional value during their travel experience and keep your brand top-of-mind throughout their entire vacation. By offering branded curated content, you can help them have a memorable and engaging journey.

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